iTelescope.Net began its operations with a single telescope in New Mexico 2002. It has steadily grown to encompass three continents. Operating many research grade instruments at prime night sky sites for its thousands of registered members.

iTelescope.Net is a "Self Funding" Internet Based Observatory directing the vast majority of its profits towards reinvestment into its growing network with new Telescopes, Instruments, Observatories, Operational Features & Equipment constantly being added for the benefit of its large time sharing memberships.


The entire iTelescope Network is controlled via the Internet. Nothing more than an Internet browser is required by its members to remotely control the telescopes. iTelescope.Net has enabled amateur astronomers & students from all over the world to gather prize winning stellar portraits, the discovery & research of minor planets, novae, comets and exo-planets.

We have a close working relationship with the ANU RSAA and operate with them in an official partnership at our Australian SSO site. We also have working ties with AAVSO, MPC and academic institutions far & wide.

Who is iTelescope?

iTelescope is a hard earned creation by a small team of dedicated & skilled amateur astronomers based in Australia, USA, Canada & Europe, operating as an 'On Demand' observatory for amateur & professional astronomers alike the world over. It has invested millions of dollars into its Remote Telescope Network, Infrastructure & Customized Software.

The Team:

  • Managing & Technical Director: Brad Moore

  • Astronomer-in-Charge: Dr. Christian Sasse

  • Observatory Manager: 'Aussie' Pete Georgopoulos

  • IT Manager: Ian Leeder

  • Accounting Manager : Georgie 'chook' Henwood